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History of elevator industry in Iran

The world's elevator industry is 150 years old when it operates with electric power, although lifespans in the world reach more than 10,000 years and the first wells were the first lifters. The most important elevator companies in the world of Otis and Shindler are about one hundred and fifty years old.
But the elevator industry of Iran is 80 years old. Of course, if the ignorant statements about the installation of the elevator at the Palatinate Palace by Nasir al-Din Shah were ignored, the first elevators, which are not worth doing, were installed at Abadan Refinery during the reign of Ahmad Shah Qajar. But what is certain is the first elevators in buildings constructed during Pahlavi first and there are national libraries in the buildings around Imam Khomeini Square (former Sepah Square), and many of them It has been installed by foreign experts and with the help of the first generation of Iranian elevator industry experts.

The first generation of buildings of more than three floors in Iran during the first Pahlavi era and modernization of apartments has been started since 1335 in the second Pahlavi era. Therefore, the growth of Iran's lift industry should be named after 1335.
First, complete and packaged lifts from Iran were imported into Iran. However, Iranian companies are starting to sell and install elevators in Iran, and in 1345 the first door and cabin manufacturing workshop by Oaks Aleksani will be produced by copying from the doors and cabins of European companies