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The history of the escalator industry

In the year 1859, the US Patriotic War demanded the patent in its name and called it a turning pillar. The shape of the stairs was a monolithic triangle through which the passenger boarded one side and finally landed.
But work on this invention continued until in 1892, a person named Renault invented his invention in England under the name of a lift with successive steps. His invention made it clear that the handles can be removed and attention It quickly moved at about 200 feet per minute. This amount of speeds is now considered as the standard speed, as is the issue of up and down elevators that are used today in modern stores.

History of Escalator Industry in Iran

The world's lift industry has had a hundred and fifty years of age when it operates with electric power, although the lifespan of the forklifts in the world is over ten thousand years old, and the first well of its own was the first lift. The most important lifting companies in the world of Otis and Shindler are about 150 years old.
But the elevator industry in Iran is 80 years old. Of course, if we ignore the unassailable statements about the installation of the elevator at the Palatine Palace by Nasiruddin, the first elevators, which, of course, do not work in Abadan Refinery during the Ahad Shah Qajar government