Tecno Elevators & Escalator Company

Due to the production of high quality, superior, durable and affordable products, significant energy savings and environmental protection have always been of interest to leading designers, engineers and employers all over the world.

Experienced bachelor teams, well-known designers, engineers and technicians with valuable experiences from the Arman sanat arka Department of Commerce are ready to work with you. Our after-sales service includes major spare parts up to 10 years after the delivery and launch of the elevator and escalator.

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Due to its unique products, variety of products and the most complete technical service for its products, Tecno has succeeded in obtaining three top honors, including the award for the most famous brand, to understand and meet the customers' needs of the International Client-Award .

Tecno Elevator and Escalator

More than 20 years experience in elevator industry and escalator

The study, creation and commissioning of a TECNO plant is always a result of careful analysis and a meticulous search to find the best solution - in terms of performance, functionality and product resistance - to answer, in effective way, to the most complex demands of the customer. The R & D area, together with the design and production divisions, work closely to produce "one-shot" products calibrated on technical specifications received from the buyer. Since the creation of hoists installed in extreme climatic conditions up to the realization of facilities for Formula 1 team factories, Tecno is able to collect and meet design challenges that are inaccessible and provide innovative solutions with high performance. TECNO Taylor Made is the result of a continuous research and study process that focuses on the company's values: innovation, ingenuity, elegance and performance.

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