The renowned Sanyo elevator and escalator company

Due to the production of high quality, superior, durable and affordable products, significant energy savings and environmental protection have always been of interest to leading designers, engineers and employers all over the world.

Experienced bachelor teams, well-known designers, engineers and technicians with valuable experiences from the Arman industrial Arka Department are ready to work with you.


Sanyo can satisfy any 18-model lift.


Sanyo has been one of the most popular brands in the world for more than 20 years.

Sanyo Elevator and Escalator

Due to the quality of its unique products, the diversification of products and the most complete technical service for its products, Sanyo has succeeded in obtaining three top honors, including the award for the most famous brand, to understand and meet the customers' needs of the International Client Award and the 10th Brand Award. The superior lift and escalator production in China has been made to adhere to quality. Sanyo can satisfy 18 luxury models in a variety of passenger, barber, glass, villa, car and hospital, and all types of escalators and movable walkways of any taste.

Sanyo Elevator & Escalator Services

Our after-sales service includes major spare parts up to 10 years after the delivery and launch of the elevator and escalator.
Sanyo Elevator and Escalator in Iran are supported by engineers and experts at Arman Sanat Arka, the exclusive representative (SANYO) in Iran